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Welcome to Broken Cowboy Records! This is a work in progress and I am not yet sure what the final scope of this project may be. I started this website as a way to share some of my songs, which were, themselves an accident. Songwriting and music in general has been nothing more than a part time hobby - albeit one that I am quite passionate about - but I didn't really set out to write a collection of songs that I would share with the world. The songs you hear here started out as nothing more than a little personal therapy and a way to pass the time. Like many projects though, this one developed a mind of its own and more songs and ideas just kept coming out. After all the recording, arranging, editing and mastering was done, I was genuinely surprised at the final result. I realize, of course, that I am more than a little biased so this is my attempt to get the music out in the world and hopefully find out whether or not anyone else connects with it as well.

As I said, I'm not sure how far this project will go, but perhaps this will become an outlet for other aspiring artists to get their music heard as well. For more information, comments, criticism, praise or rants, please email However you may have found your way here, I hope you'll stay awhile and enjoy the music!

Sean Mulvihill
Broken Cowboy Records, LLC